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Read Enthon's Diary and learn how to get a Gold Player Team from scratch without spending money to buy Bucks.

Indeed written for Soccer but as good for all other BigWin Sports!


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Enthon’s BigWin Sports Quickstart Guide

Hi gamers, you have found the way to this page and therefore I assume you had either a very hard start into your team management career at any of the different BigWin Sports or you like to start a new team and instantly gain some success in all the daily trophies and cups out there.

Well, my ultimate answer is simple: If you like to do so you have to invest excatly 21 real Australian Dollar or less in US our European funds.

However, here is what we do – We start a new team and buy for 21 Dollar either 2500 or in two orders for a total of 3000 Bucks as in App purchase depending on the Sport you have chosen. Afterwards let’s invest the virtual “Bucks” the buy the following set of Booster Packs: 

  1.  Five (5) Big Player Booster (=$2,000)
  2. Three (3) Big Boost Booster (=$240)
  3. Three (3) Big Impact Card Booster (=$150)
  4. Ten (10) Gold Booster (=$100)
  5. Thirty (30) Bronze Booster (=c6,000 or max. $20)

During opening the Bronze or Gold Packs sell straight all contract cards below 29, uniforms you do not like as well as any bronze or silver player card.

Now you should have enough cards to create a competitive team which consist in majority or completely of Platinum / Gold Players. Boost up the Platinum Players with Platinum Boosts first and spend the rest of your good skill boosts cards into your Gold Players.

Sell all cards out of stock which you don’t need anymore, with special focus on Bronze Skill Boosts and useless standard impact cards. Tips around what cards might be more useful as others can be found in the sport specific sections of

With approximately 90 Big Impact Cards in stock and an average rated team in the range of 75 to 85 you should be easily ready for a good start, especially in Football and Basketball, if you know the right strategies. If not visit more pages over here or join the Online Forum to get more clues.

However, please always remember Enthon’s general tip: Play with focus on your bankroll and try to win more game money in daily trophies as you spend to get the cards back to run your team succsessfully.

Contract Cards - Enthon's look behind the scenes

This article is mend for BigWin Sports players who use Big Contract Cards on a regular basis in combination with Fountain of Youth to get retired top players back into action and opening still Bronze Booster Packs.

As I started to play the BigWin Sports Apps I realized quickly that I like to keep my best players after retirement, which happens every month if you a playing daily. Looking at the 50 Bucks you have to pay for a Big Contract Booster plus the costs of a Fountain after retirement,I wondered if it might be an alternative using standard contract cards instead. It should be mentioned that everybody out there who is using large numbers of gold impact cards to support own teams can surely stop reading now. You arerich enough to feed your teams properly and do not need to save game Bucks at all.

Anyway, puzzled about the situation I started looking at the odds and as always it came down to simple maths. Let’s think about the following fundamental facts:

  1. A Big Contract Booster Pack provides you with 6 contract extensions of in average 60 extra games (tested) at a cost of $50. Means each contract card cost you approximately $8.33 (in Football just $4.16 considering 12 contract cards in one booster).
  2. To get a retired player back in action costs in between $15 and $50 depending on the sport (fountain). Usefull to know that with the fountain you get an average 60 games contract instantly (tested too) + 6 further extension opportunities.
  3. Standard contract cards can be found in all BigWin Sports with an average ratio of one in each Bronze Booster Pack. The ones I am interested in, are the 20% of 30+ contract cards which normally inserted. Finally this means you will find a 30+ Standard Contract Card in every fifth Bronze Pack.

Now let’s have a look on BigWin Soccer to calculate two different options to ongoing contract your high value players: 


Big Contract Cards

Contract Cards

Games played per contract



Costs per card


Some coins

Games played until 1. retirement

6 x 60 = 360

6 x 30 = 180

Costs until 1. retirement



Fountain costs



Games earned with Fountain


= 60

Games played until 2. retirement


6 x 30 = 180

Total games / costs

Per Player

360 / $50

420 / $30

Total costs for 11 players /

Total Days assuming 20 games a day


360 / 20 = 18


420 / 20 = 21

Wow, it seems that if you’re using just Standard Contract Cards and pay in addition one Fountain in between to overcome an earlier retirement, you can save 220 Bucks over a period of three real weeks of playing and your team plays 3 days longer as a bonus!

Well, nothing else to say, just go for it. Finally this will work as well for Baseball ($200) and at best for BigWin Football ($230).

Basketball and Hockey do not provide an advantage in Bucks but still gives you 3 real days (or three 20 match tournaments) of additional cost free play time for any of your players.

All what you need to know about Booster Packs!

Well opening booster packs is always an exiting activity. But there is always the question what are the ratios behind the different card types you can find and is it worthwile to invest your Bucks and Coins in opening packs.


Booster Packs


Premium Packs

Before I start talking about what and how often you can find the different types of cards in the packs I like to list couple of main points which are surely helpful for people who are new to the game:

Be aware of what you will most likely find in each type of pack and invest your coins and bucks wisely

  • After a while you should sell all less valuable cards straight away to keep your coin level up (You can find usefull information about the real influence of the different cards in the Impact Card sections related to each sports type)
  • Never spend your coins to buy Silver Packs - Just save until you have enough for a Gold Packs. In most Sports you get just Bronze Packs cards with a few silver inserts for 6 times the price!
  • Buy Premium Packs only if you can afford it - means only if you earned more Bucks before with successfull tournaments.
  • Compare the content of the different packs and how much you have to invest for specific cards, especially the ones which are included in different booster packs. Choose wisely!

I spend a lot of time to analyse how often each card can be found within the different types of BigWin Booster packs. First representative results are now available for American Football and the other sports following soon.

Taking always notes about what cards where in a booster pack I openend finally led to the understanding that the distribution of the common cards like Big Impact is even and no card is really under represented.

Well, due to the random distribution within the always five available packs to choose from, it might happen that you do not get a specific card for some time but on the long run they are fairly inserted. I know it sounds a bit silly but basically I was interested if the distribution of the cards is fair or not. At this point I like to thank my wife supporting the review in writing down her draw results and her always great involvement – Love you, Darling!

Have you known...?

Maybe you never realized that after you are healing one of your injured players, his skills level sometimes drops down by up to two points in several skill categories. It is only applied to the next game and afterwards the skills get all back to the maximum again. You can see it if you have a close look on your skill bars after healing a player and also if you wondered before that your player droped by a point in average rating sometimes.