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Quarterback effectiveness?

by Merchants

... is not exclusively the result of the quarterback's own skills. The skill cards, and the player skills of the offensive line, the blocking back (fullback), and the tight end and wide receivers impact the quarterback's effectiveness too. Other stats such as the number of victory formations, hail mary pass attempts/completions, scrambles, sacks and fumbles may be relevant but are not taken into account.

The four (five in fact - I added the hometeam to the table) quarterbacks above have an overall BigWin rating as follows:
Sam Gray, Nevada Dogs (98), Joe Montana, Palindromic Rage (97), Judge Dredd, La Cosa Nostra (95), QB, Merchants (94) and Enthon, (94) but I would argue that the BigWin rating should be the Arm-Vision-Strength trio, as follows: Sam Gray (300+), Joe Montana (292+), Judge Dredd (280+), QB (281+) and Enthon (288+). 

Finally, I would argue that the QUARTERBACK EFFECTIVENESS rating should be weighted more heavily by results, particularly COMPLETION PERCENTAGE and YARDS-PER-GAME performance, although all the statistical categories are impacted by the rest of the players' skills on the team, including the DEFENSE, and the skill cards that the teams use, so the EFFECTIVENESS rating for the above four quarterbacks might actually be closer to:
Sam Gray (99), Joe Montana (99), Judge Dredd (95), QB (95) and Enthon (?). 

Hopefully, the BigWin random-player-generator won't continue to *punish* Merchants by failing to provide the team with an effective quarterback.