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Enthon's  Play-Off Week Events

I am organizing from time to time challenge mode based competitions for the visitors of Everybody can participate and the winners will be honored in Enthon’s Big Win Hall of Fame and in addition might be eligible for Big Bucks too - Please read the Prize Scheme information for more details.

SOCCER Event October - LIVE

OK - See you out there and good luck!



hunter - Inter San Jose' 

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Event time table - Enthon's Play-Off Weeks

Play Off Week Rules - IMPORTANT

Special rules for: Basketball, Hockey and Soccer

General rules for all Sports

A.) When the registration deadline has passed we will conduct a draw to pair up the teams for the first round. Please note that all information will be released on this page on a daily basis during the whole event.

B.) The Event Schedule will be released over here every day as per general time table above. All participants have to come back to this page (Monthly competitions) on a regular basis to get the information required to play the matches. The Event Schedule will provide you with all required information as results, ladder, next match partner and in addition your opponents friends code to connect and play the matches as required.

C.) The HOME team has to send the challenge for the first match, the visitor team send out the challenge for the second game and so on until the required number of matches are played.

D.) If the HOME team does not act or the VISITOR team does not play the first game for any reason until 14 hours before end of the daily round, the active team wins game 1. The active team send afterwards another challenge for Game 2. Please note that a general time table is available and a Countdown Clock shows you the time left to finish your daily match series.

E.) The event will be played in two stages. Stage 1 will be a Swiss System league mode for 4 to 6 rounds depending on the number of teams. No team will be eliminated during Stage 1. In stage 2 and depending on the number of teams the Top 4 teams on the Stage 1 ladder progress to Elimination Finals.

F.) There is ONE round (= one match series) to be played each day. Those match series must be finished within the given time frame, which is normally 22 hours from release of the daily Event Schedule. You can always refer for the time remaining on our countdown clock or the general time table if the clock is faulty.

G.) As announced on the Event Schedule and depending on the sport, you have to play out a certain number of matches to decide the series. This means that both teams have to play until one team won the contest. The Sport specific rules can be found over here for Basketball, Hockey and Soccer.

H.) BOTH teams have to post the results on our RESULT BOARD immediately after the end of the series but latest before end of the playing period. If for whatever reason the series has not been played to the end, not started at all, both teams have to place a comment on the Result Board in time.

I.) Please make sure that you understand the tournament rules and act immediately and always within the spirit of this event. Tip: Send friend requests to all participants straight after the first round schedule is available. This avoids delays later on if you have to play one of them.

J.) Please kindly note that for the sake of all participants and the friendly spirit of the competition any fun spoiling behavior might may led to instant elimination and permanent or temporary ban from future competitions.

More Tournament Information?

All competitions will be played in two stages: (a) The Swiss Mode Stage and (b) the Finals Stage.

The Swiss mode is explained in more detail further down and will comprise of 4 to 6 rounds and no team will be eliminated before the end of this stage.

The final stage is played in knock out round finals with the Top 4 placed teams on the SWISS stage ladder.

Swiss System:

The first round will be drawn randomly considering existing seeding rights (more information about seeding further below).

In each round all participating teams will be paired to play another team. If the team number is uneven there will be a bye for the last team on the ladder and no teams are eliminated during the Swiss Stage of the play off week.

Please note that the general principle of a "Swiss system" is that each team is pitted against another team which has done approximately as well (or poorly) as the other.

From second round on teams are sorted according to their cumulative scores and teams are assigned opponents with the same or similar score. However a basic rule is that the same teams never oppose each other twice during the Swiss stage.