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A look behind the secrets of Impact Cards and Combos


Some of you might already picked up that I am born and grown up in Germany therefore indeed with Fussball in my bloodstream. Clearly BigWin Soccer was one of my first apps I played and I like it today still the most for watching games on my little I-Phone screen.

The Soccer review was not the first I undertook because of a very simple reason: BigWin Soccer offers the largest number of different impact cards and the most options to combine those cards. As for the most BigWin Apps the statistics provided at the end of a Soccer match do not help a lot and I had to watch many games to get additional information about the efficiency of the impact cards and to review over and over again to get the value rankings for the cards.

As for the other look behind the scenes, already released for Football and Basketball in the past, I created a database to collect the game stats of more than 500 games I played with two different teams. During the next weeks I will release step by step my gained inside views and findings as for the Defense and Offense Card Value Rating as well as the best combos to play in BigWin Soccer.

The game calculating engine provided by Hothead for Soccer is to date the best of all Sports and provides for the most of the time very reasonable results with an acceptable low number of upsets. I am sure Hothead will screw this up too as soon as they "improve" to the four tournament type system already used in Football, Basketball and recently in Hockey too. Let's enjoy the remaining time!

OK, first of all we have to take a look on the counter effects to understand why some cards are in some games not as efficient as in others. As you should already know some effects of big impact cards equalize other card effects which makes both inefficient during a match.

The effects I have observed are listed in the table below for information. 

As for my Football review I will devide the large number of basic and gold impact cards in influence on defense and offense performance of your team.

In general you get the better results if you use always two offense and one defense card but at the end you might be suprised what is the best combo to play? I was surely a bit puzzled but additonal tests in all kind of games comfirmed my database results later on.

The cards will be ranked based on the game impact value determined during my database analysis.


Enthon’s Big Impact Card Value Rating


We can find seven cards in BigWin Soccer which might have an impact on our team defense abilities during a match. Running through all kind of analysis in my database and after watching hundreds of matches I finally ranked them by value using my usual Star Rating System. Please note that the difference in the star rating reflects somewhat the real impact.


























As you can see from the ranking above one basic (cheap) impact card made a very good impression and ended up on the second place; Read & React has been proven much better as two other Gold Impact cards. The two Goalkeeper supporting cards had with Safe Hands a clear winner in efficiency due to the fact that "The Reactor" seems to be prone to follow-up shots after rebounds. The three remaining cards showed different impact just based on the number of average occurences in a match they are related too. Means you have in each game always a decent number of corners followed by an overall impressive high number of penalties compared to less free kicks in close proximity to the goal. I guess the last fact is not really realistic but to date heavily implemented into the BigWin Soccer App.

Well, one card left out to talk about it...

Injury Free 

Separately listed because of it does support offense as well as defense in avoiding injuries during a game. This card type is used in all BigWin Sports Apps but nowhere else more useless as in Soccer. I have to say that injuries are way to often seen in other sports but Hothead at least found in the past the right balance for Soccer in not overpowering this feature too much. Because of the low number of injuries seen in matches and with no significant impact for the most of them concerning the match results this card should not be played at all. OK, there is one exception, if injury strikes your goalkeeper, but this happens one in every 250 games and does not justify to waste one of your three impact card spots to play "Injury Free".



Eight different offense supporting impact cards can be found and used in BigWin Soccer. The strongest results and same time best impact card at all is surely "On Target" which boosts your goal rate significantly. Super Strike follows by a fair margin but is still very strong where Great Ball is a magnificent standard impact card which you can play in most of the sets very efficiently. World Class Control is surely by far the weakest Gold card due to the fact that it is often equalized by Read & React. Brillant Delivery is still valuable as it is a cheap offense card and much better as the remaining ones.























Well enough for today but more to come. Combining the cards to successfull combos is another story which I will tell you for sure pretty soon. Therefore get back over to learn which card combos are the best to win matches.



Enthon’s BigWin Soccer Winning Card Combos

Identifying the best card combos to play for BigWin Soccer was harder as I thought and I had to check again and again the combinations recommended by my database to be really sure. For the best combo which you will find later on it took me 50 matches to compare two possible candidates before I found the winner. However Soccer provides the most impact cards and generally does not require to play all the time three gold cards because of some very strong standard cards available too.

Here we go - Enthon's best BigWin Soccer Card Combos..... 

Best Bargain Combo 

Costs: $0.30 (Game Bucks per match) 

No doubt the best combo to play if you do not like to invest a lot of Bucks. Good offensive and defensive outcome and reasonable successful against Gold card packed opponents too.


Best Low Budget Combo 

Costs: $2.70 (Game Bucks per match) 

Well this is my choice and a lot of players will ask why I am not using On Target instead of Super Strike. The simple answer is you are right but this combo delivers a high number of wins too and considering that On Target will be needed elsewhere you run earlier or later in a shortage of this card in your stock. Therefore this is the best low budget combo if you play frequently with two or three gold cards per game and you like to use your cards equally. 


Best Moderate Budget Combo 

Costs: $5.10 (Game Bucks per match) 

Well, following the approach that we like to play down our gold cards equally and showing very good results at all the best moderate budget combo includes WCC in combination mit Super Strike and Read & React.


Best Soccer Impact Card Combo to play 

Costs: $7.50 (Game Bucks per match)

For sure the best combo you can play to win the majority of your matches in Big Win Soccer surprisingly includes two defense cards and to provide you with another unexpected result, the second best combo includes three defense cards: Crunching Tackles, Safe Hands and The Reactor! Try it out and have fun. 


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