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Enthon presents real epic Big Win Sports moments and records.

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Health secret - One injury in 1359 games

 New Epic Baseball Record - 51-1

Some guys get a match more - Others have to pay the price!


Missed the touchdown but got the got the Extra Point

If you do it 150 times you get a Bronze Booster! - So generous!

Scary - Not a cloned sheep - a cloned Shooting Guard 

 Basketball - Highest scoring game - 114:121

 Lowest number of games to win a 20 match tournament! = 4

 Hockeroos Perfect Game - 0-0-0-00:00 for the Bulldogs

 Opponent control - Just 3 yards for the Ravens!

 The perfect Game - Not missed one single shot

 100 Yards Run Touchdown - Very long way to go....

 511 Yards adds up to 83 points! - The Butcher!

 95 Yards Touchdown Pass!

20 Wins - 92 GD - Amazing Soccer Record

Toughest Contest ever - All team with 13-7 or better!

 Team name spelling problem - Correctly it is.. ..L..O..S..E..R

 The powerplay kings - 6 out of 6

Not today mate!

 Player Rating 100 - Running Back

928,000 Rushing Yards in 10,000+ Games

 Lowest Team Rating ever - 8

 Sometimes it is really good to get the win!

 Contract Renewals = 20 ???

 Fastest gameplay - 20 Matches in 8 Minutes and 47 seconds

 Hardest day of my life - Loosing against a Rating 10 Team

Let me remember another famous match with a good team name!

 Another must win...

 Basketball - Lowest Opponent Score - 9 Points

 Hothead provides you with a Soccer Trophy in Basketball

 I collect those matches... Rated 94 lol - Hundreds out there!

 Basketball - Lowest scoring game - 42 points in total

 My conference finals - Best of seven - 4:1 vs. Lions

 Almost the perfect game - 0 shots, 0:00 minutes attacking time

 Four teams with a 10-0 record

 Basketball - Biggest point margin = 49

 The ultimate epic battle!

 Lowest scoring Football match - 3 points

 Best daily reward I ever got!