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Enthon’s Walkthrough Diary

Howdy BigWin Sports Soccer Fans ... and Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey Gamer too - Don’t run away, you are on the right page as well!

The diary has been written indeed for BigWin Soccer Players but works as fine for all other sports!

You can follow my tips and strategies easily for Baseball and Hockey too. Basketball and Football players have to compete ONLY in Amateur bowls and trophies until they reach the Gold Team level. Afterwards they can try to participate additionally in PRO’s!

This article is mend to help new players who can’t afford spending real money in buying Bucks via the shopping option and still try to survive with their team on a longer run.

Of cause it is much easier to buy 2500 Bucks and built quickly a Gold or Platinum Team but I played the game long enough to give you some helpful tips if you are not worried to take the hard and challenging way.

What do you need? Above all a good strategy and a lot of PATIENCE and to watch always your bankroll, means the amount of Bucks and Coins you have. 

Day 1 - 2, Starting a new team

OK – we got our first free booster with some impact cards, some coins in the pocket and a team full of Bronze Player with no real Star quality. The team is rated around 39 and you won’t find a lot of worser teams in the competitions but never mind:

Enthon’s Golden Rule #1:

If possible start the app at least once every 24 hours. Beside some daily free coins you will receive THREE Gold Big Impact Cards as bonus daily from day 7 on. You do not have to play a single match – just open the app (By the way I like to give a GOLDEN STAR to Hothead for granting this loyalty bonus).

First thing to do is to buy as much Bronze Booster as you can afford. Remember always, as soon as you have 150+ coins go and get another one. There is a rare chance to find some improvements for your team before the next match and coins in your wallet are not getting any dividends at all. Generally this will be your main objective for the first two or three daily cups beside just following Enthon’s early days booster rules:

  • Keep all Bronze Player and Bronze SKILL BOOST Cards in Stock – Means do not sell any of them
  • Keep all 25+ Contract Extension Cards – Straight sell the rest of them (20 coins each!)
  • Keep all ADD SKILL Cards in stock but do NOT use it right now (this cards are very rare and should be only used for Gold and Platinum Players)
  • Keep all Big Impact Cards except “Injury Free”, "Unbreakable" & “Off the woodwork” which should be sold immediately while absolutely useless.
  • Just choose the uniform you like and sell all others

Well, if you are lucky enough you may find your first SILVER player or a SILVER skill boost card which are both rarely inserted in the Bronze Booster Packs. Put the player straight in your team and KEEP the silver skill boost in stock which get’s us to another golden rule of success…

Enthon’s Golden Rule #2:

SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM skill boost cards will be only applied to GOLD or PLATINUM players. SILVER players get generally BRONZE skill boosts and BRONZE player will not be supported at all from as soon as you have at least half of your team filled with SILVER PLAYER or better.

Before we start to tune our team for the first daily cup experience we have to talk about a very important topic: Contracts !

A main objective for your early game days is to keep your best players (SILVER and later GOLD) for as long as possible under contract. You will be not able to use the “fountain of youth” option (=30 Bucks each) and we need to get the most out of them before they retire. To exchange a retired BRONZE player is easy if you open on a daily basis your bronze booster packs, but the better player cards will be rare for a long time. This means you have to use contract cards in between 25 and 29 for Bronze Players and collect all 30+ contracts, which are more rare to find, in stock to use it only for your SILVER and GOLD players! This will increase the normal live span of such a player to around 150+ games in total or just 7-8 daily tournaments!

OK, that’s clear and now let us tune our starter team. Most likely you will have only Bronze players available for the first daily cup. No worries, just use the players with the highest base ratings (39+) to fill all your positions and keep the rest in stock.  If you have several players with the same rating choose always the ones with the higher number of empty skill boost slots already available (max. 4).

Another tip at this point in time: Central midfielders and defenders should be always filled with the best players for this positions available, because the central positions in midfield and defense provide more impact during a regular match as those on the wings! You will see what I mean later on in your match reviews and the stats. Therefore trust me for now.

Next step is to pump up the skills of our players where possible: For this initial stage we will upgrade all players with our BRONZE skill boosts keeping always one card of each type (Run, Shot, Dribble, Defense…) in stock to use it instantly for a potential SILVER player showing up in the near future. 

  • Of cause we start with SILVER players already in the team, if you were lucky enough to find one or more. Fill all possible empty slots with bronze or silver skill boost cards.
  • Afterwards go on with your forwards focussing on the skills shot, run and dribbling, filling all other if you have still some left at the end of this list. 
  • Next is our Goalkeeper. Please note that we do NOT use available “pass” slots
  • And now both central midfielder with priority on pass, run and dribble
  • Two central defenders with focus on “defend” and “pass”
  • Finishing off with the midfielder on the wings and if you have boost cards left the wing defenders least.

Well, we are now prepared for the first daily cup and to compete against other teams in 20 games. Generally you will most likely play most of your matches against teams in the mid to high 40s rating but we have nothing to lose at all, but we will surely celebrate each win and draw.

Generally prepare your team for each match with the routine below: 

  • Check if you have injured players – If so do NOT heal the bronze players which is too expensive, just replace them out of your reserves and sell them later on. Silver & Gold Players have to be healed (100 Coins).
  • Buy additional Bronze Booster if you have still 150+ coins left. Improve your players if possible.
  • Choose your Big Impact Cards – Use always 3 – The stronger ones are Read & React, Great Ball, Brillant Delivery and Corner Clearance. The rest can be seen as less to moderate efficient. Due to the restricted number of cards you pulled out of the booster packs by random odds, you should play at the beginning with one to two stronger ones as long as possible.
  • Hope for the best and enjoy watching your team

At the end of the day you should have played 20 games and with some luck you might end up within top 4 or 5, which is the best you can achieve and depends heavily on the other teams in your group. Most likely you will finish 6th to 9th on the ladder. No problem, you should have had some wins, a couple of draws and collected at least 5 Bucks for completing the tournemant and some more for leveling up a few times.

Good start – Congratulation and as I mentioned be patient!

However it went, transfer as many bucks as necessary to buy at least 10 to 15 fresh BRONZE booster packs and keep the remaining bucks in your bankroll for now.  Start next day a second cup and just follow the same instructions above.

Day 3 - 10, The early days

For the next 6 to 8 days you should play daily trophies reaching at Day 8 the loyalty bonus level with  3 Gold Impact Cards for a first time. You will get it every day after if you start at least the app once a day. This will help you to progress, therefore don’t miss a day because of you would have to start again building up the bonus.

General tips for your daily soccer game play up to Day 10: 

  • Do not spend any Bucks you earn on the way unless you are running out of impact cards or coins to buy Bronze Packs. In this case just transfer 2 to 3 Bucks into Coins.
  • Buy ONLY Bronze Packs and collect Impact Cards, Contracts, Bronze Skill Boost which can be applied immediately as well as any Silver Player you might find!
  • Do not use any “Add Skill” and “Silver Skill Boosts” Cards right now just keep it in stock to  support our first gold players later on.
  • Do not use any Gold Impact Card you may gain through the daily loyalty bonus.

An important strategic challenge is to use your standard big impact cards wisely during a daily trophy. It turned out to be good placing three better ones for the first 3 to 4 matches to see how it goes. Later on choose less valuable cards or play without cards if you have no chance to reach a top five spot.

To support an efficient strategy, it is helpful to start in a new daily trophy early and in severall legs during the 24 hours. Just play 4 to 5 matches and wait for at least an hour to check how the others are going. The final leg is best placed within the last hour so you can relate your engagement and the quality of the impact cards you like to play much easier to the achievable position on the ladder and the possible rewards.

All the above mentioned strategies will improve your success rate but please keep in mind that there are random factors you can’t really influence as: 

  • What teams are in your league today? – If you are unlucky you had been drawn in a group with three or four heavy armed 80 or 90+ teams in it who will easily end up with 40 points or more and surely on the top four spots of the ladder. Just check all teams performance by Wins-Draws-Losses plus the Goal Difference after your first leg or before the second. Teams which have started 4-0 with 10+ goal difference are most likely good teams getting back later easily catch you if you invest to early. On another day you might have just 4 or 5 teams seriously going for the trophy or no big guns at all. In this case 30 points in total might be enough to grab a top position on the ladder and get 40+ Bucks at once.
  • Playing against similar rated teams (+/- 10 average rating) gives you basically 50/50 chance to win the match. The impact cards do not dramatically improve your winning percentage and often your opponents will play similar combinations. You might gear up your winning chance to 60 or 70% if you are the better rated team and playing more or better cards. Plenty of room for random results and bad streaks with 3 to 4 games in a row against your team at the end. Bad luck!

However, keep going with this strategy until you have collected at least 30 or 40 Bucks. It took me 9 days but you might be quicker.

Day 10 to 45 - First Gold Booster Packs

If you have obtained at least 30 Bucks through hard work we should start our rise to become a good competitive team in BigWin Soccer - We buy our first Gold Booster Packs!

Please note that you will have to follow up the strategy described in the following for quite a long time, therefore read carefully and if you have question go to our Player Forum.

OK, the idea is from now on to invest our Bucks earned into Gold Booster Packs which cost $10 each. 

This packs include three very valuable type of cards all very supportive in developing your team. Firstly the Gold Players with a base rating of 60 to 69, Gold Big Impact Cards which will provide better support for important matches and finally Gold and Platinum Skill Boosts,  intended to pump up our Gold Players. 

In buying three packs you should get at least 1 Gold Player (maybe 2 to 4 if you are lucky), 6 to 13 Gold Impact Cards plus 3 to 5 Gold Skill Boosts or maybe a Platinum one. Add Skill Cards and Contracts with more as 28 extensions are welcome too and you may find nice and fancy new uniforms for your team.

Next step should be a no brainer: Integrate your Gold Players into your team and use the stored Add Skill Cards to support specific  skills in combination with your Silver, Gold or Platinum Skill Boosts to boost them up. Finally your first star(s) is born.

Considering that this is a very long article I like to draw your attention again on some general rules explained at the beginning, mainly about relevant skills by position and pitch location of good players in midfield and defense.

Alright – this looks surely better now and you should have now at least a 48 or 49 rated team, maybe low 50s. It is time to go back to work in playing more daily trophies as long as it takes to buy the next Gold Booster Packs but….

Your gameplay has to change from now on: Be aware that you are facing your biggest opponent not on the soccer pitch anymore, it will be the restricted career lifetime of your star players!

Until today you have played mainly using Bronze Players which could be easily replaced by using one of the player cards you find regularly inside the Bronze Booster Packs. However, you won’t be in position to replace a Gold Player for a certain amount of time (30 to 60 days). Afterwards you should have a full gold team and some gold player replacements on the bench respectively in your card stock giving you some breathing space, but not right now.

Your players normally pop out of a Booster with 38 to 46 contracts (games) plus 4 to 6 renewals available. Using 30+ contract cards for the renewals only, the player will retire after 160 up to 240 matches and you are not able to pay 30 Bucks for a Fountain of Youth to get him back.

Means the player will be available for 8 to 12 daily trophies / tournaments only.

Good, keeping this in mind we take a look onto our revised / additional game strategies for teams with Gold Players: 

  • Gold players are valuable team members but restricted to a certain number of career matches before retirement. Therefore if you have no chance to gain advantage out of his participation in a specific match replace him by a Bronze Player! Advantage means for me only if you have still a reasonable chance getting into top 5 AND NOT just for playing the last few games to complete a trophy for 5 Bucks.
  • Always use the highest available contract renewal cards for your best Gold Players first, followed by Silver Team Members. If you have coins left to buy some Bronze Packs before you renew the contract, do it! You have still a chance to find a higher (better) contract card.
  • Injuries: Due to the value of our Gold Players for the team, you have to pay for those players the 100 Coins required to heal them, if they get injured. Therefore keep always at least 100 Coins or 1 Buck in your bankroll.
  • Never us more as one Gold Impact Card in a match. Their number is restricted and you should use them prudently and only if you like to increase your chances for a win in the next game - to get into top 5 cashing in Bucks. You should be really in very good position to get to the top 3 of the ladder before you use more as one Gold Impact Card in one match.

So, now it is up to you to play on and get your Gold Team together but keep in mind…

Enthon’s Golden Rule #3

There is no problem at all if you have patience, you play efficiently using a reasonable game strategy!


Day 45+, The Platinum Players


All right guys, now it is getting very difficult. You have established a Gold Team or you are already close to and of cause you are looking now to get your team into the  Platinum Level. The reasons behind it's difficulty are the low price money you get out of a full day 20 game tournament and the running costs of your team.

My first tip is do not expect a quick progress from now on and your goal should be to get 800+ Bucks in your wallet to spend it as soon as Hothead offers again 80+ player in a special Promo for Big Player Packs. Do not spend it before and keep in mind that from the moment you get Platinum players in your team you have to fountain them after retirement, means every 180-200 games or 8-10 days you face additional costs of 50 Bucks each.

As I mentioned further above you need a lot of patience to improve your team at least up to a 85+ level and your tournament results might vary a lot playing with a 65 to 75 rated team because of the large number of equal opponents out there and increasing chances to match up regularly 90+ teams in your daily cups too.

I did it within approximately 6 weeks but it depends on your luck factor, usage of good but affordable card combos and the mix of opponents you face in your daily  cups. Some of you might get earlier to the point but other much later. 

On your journey keep always in mind: 

  • Play efficient combos mainly based on one gold card (Read & React, Great Ball, Brilliant Delivery, Corner Clearance are good cheap cards with a decent success rate!)
  • Play always two “Offense” and one “Defense” impact card in your set.
  • Do not waste contracts of players where you do not have a replacement on your bench. Means put them on the bench if you have low or no chances to get Bucks at the end.
  • Apply wisely your Add Skill and Platinum Boost cards to Gold Players and keep in mind that you do not find a lot of them for a long time in Booster Packs.
  • Keep going to buy for approximately 30 to 40% of your daily earnings Gold Booster unless you saved up to 800+ Bucks. Provides you with Gold Player and Gold Impact Cards as well as Gold Skill Boosts and maybe one or the other Platinum Card.

Never forget that I mentioned at the beginning of this walkthrough article that playing Soccer without spending real money is possible but most likely the hardest one to survive within Big Win Sports App family. Good and steady strategy, patience and focus will always get you to the finish line earlier or later.

If you made it into the 85+ level and your team is now heavily filled with Platinum players you did well and you should be proud of your achievement. But the bad message at the end. It is barely impossible to improve further without spending real money. Why? Simple answer, you are not in position to win enough Bucks in daily cups to finance your team very long. 

Think about the following: If you play 10 days you have the chance to earn 1,000 Game Bucks but only if you win every day. I could not manage this with a 93 team and massive Gold Cards covering my matches. However let's say you can make it and let's assume that you do it just with one Gold Card in every match which accumulates to 200 overall required. 200 Cards will cost you 500 Bucks and you have now to fountain 11 players for 30 Bucks each. In a best case scenario you would still make 170 Bucks but I guess in reality you won't win more as five cups assuming you have the same costs means you have to invest in 330 Bucks to keep your team going.

On the other hand there is some good news - If you are using the strategy to built up a Hockey, Football or Basketball team your earnings should cover your costs. For Soccer and Baseball everybody has to wait until Hothead moves for this sports to the 4 cups / 12 hour scheme too.


Take it easy, have fun and good luck!

For the love of the game




If you like to discuss this article with me and others please register to the BigWin Sports Forum and post your questions or comments in the Soccer section!