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Enthons Play-Off Weeks Price Scheme

We offer Big Bucks for the best teams in each of our competitions as listed below.


PLEASE note that we can only offer the prizes to Apple device user and the prizes are not transferable.


Android users unfortunately cannot win a prize because of the fact that we are not able to handover the Big Bucks or provide a gift voucher.


For Apple Users: If you win Big Bucks you have to provide us with your Hothead Team Password. We will load your team on my device and buy the Big Bucks for you.

Monthly competition prize schemes


16+ Teams at the end of Stage 1:

Winner --- 1,500 Big Bucks

Runner-Up --- 500 Big Bucks

NEW - Special prize for one random drawn team who played by the rules to the end and not reached the finals --- 500 Big Bucks


<=16 Teams:

Winner --- 1,500 Big Bucks