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BASKETBALL - Special Event Rules - IMPORTANT

A) The daily Basketball rounds will be played as Best of 5 series. This means both teams play each other UNTIL one team has 3 matches won.

B) During Stage 1 of the competition (Swiss Rounds) points will be granted depending on the series result as shown in the table below. Accumulated points define the position on the ladder.

C) If teams are equal in points on the ladder at the end of the event stage 1 the order will be determined in using first available direct match series results and if this not clarify the order, an opponent success rating will be used.

D) The finals will be played as best of 7 series and ends when one team has won 4 matches.

E) BOTH teams have to post the series results on our RESULT BOARD  immediately after the end of the series but latest before end of the playing period. If for whatever reason the series has not been played to the end, not started at all, both teams have to place a comment on the Result Board in time.

If there is no information provided about the series neither by Home or Visitor team, the match will be deemed as forfeit and both teams eliminated from the competition.

In all other cases the series win might be awarded to one team based on available information and in best interest of the competition progress.

Please note that teams which are not posting the results or provide no information as required might be penalized by point deduction.